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  • In our connection to the Light, gifts are all around us, in the form of Energy

  • There is something wonderful within you – as you open your heart, learn to awaken to it!

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Logo_Hummingbird_smallThis is a rarefied time in Earth’s history – time when humanity is awakening to the realization that we are truly magnificent beings of Light – Source Energy. We have just forgotten. Now everything around us is attempting to re-mind us of our Divine inheritance. The Energies surrounding us are extraordinary for those who are open to receiving, embracing a  fresh way of lifting in consciousness.

Logo_Hummingbird_smallIn many cases, however, we do not experience these energies as empowering for a variety of reasons. Often this is because we first have some clearing to do.
Emotions such as anger, guilt, frustration and fear, lower our overall vibration and tend to overshadow everything until they are fully released. These frequencies are simply not accompanying us into the higher states of consciousness.

Logo_Hummingbird_smallBrenda Calvin teaches Seraphim Blueprint, a system for  healing oneself and others with energy,  a system of self-evolution. She trained with Ruth Rendely, the founder of this discipline and author of the best selling book, Seraphim Blueprint. Brenda teaches both in person and remotely. She also offers energy healing sessions using a variety of modalities, customized to her client’s very specific needs at consciousness.

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