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Those who take Reiki training generally have felt the nudge of Spirit, in one form or another. Sometimes, it is out of a desire to help a specific family member or friend with healing. Sometimes, it is to assist ourselves during a stressful time in our lives – to feel relief or gain more clarity of thought. But most students come with a desire to be of service to humanity, to make a difference.

We ALL have the capacity to heal with Reiki Energy.


Reiki 1 training gives us tools to tap into our connection with All That Is, creating an open vessel for this intelligent and potent energy. Our innate connection with Source gets expanded. Our inner knowing becomes more pronounced. And soon, even being near someone in need of healing, the Reiki turns on in the palms of the hands.

The Reiki 1 day course defines Reiki for the student, gives an historical background and provides the hand positions for daily self-healing. Additionally, students have the opportunity to work on each other, initiating the experience of allowing energy to flow through them on behalf of another.

At the end of the course, the student receives what is called a Level 1 Attunement, after which the Reiki flow is embellished and amplified. I recommend there be at least a 21 day time-frame between Level 1 & Level 2.


In the Reiki 2 course, a large percentage of the course is spent on giving and receiving Reiki. The experiential aspect of the course is paramount, in that the student should leave this certification course confident in their understanding of what it is expected of them in giving a Reiki session. The student is provided with three Reiki symbols. Many suggestions are given as to the use of these symbols, both during sessions and outside of sessions.

 At the end of the course, the student receives a Level 2 Attunement from the Reiki Master Teacher.

 A six-month time frame is suggested between the Level 2 course and the Reiki Master course. At this time, we recommend students give regular Reiki sessions, to gain a diverse array of experience.


 Not all Reiki students will go on to be a Reiki Master. Unless you intend to teach Reiki, it is not critical to being a Reiki practitioner. In this certification course, the student is given three additional Reiki Master symbols. These symbols are for use in the student’s healing sessions, as well as in giving attunements to others.

Much time is spent in this course on giving attunements for all levels of Reiki, practicing the attunements on other classmates. An additional focus is on the teaching of Reiki.

At the end of the course, a Master Level Attunement is given to the student.


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