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Thank you so much Brenda for infusing the beautiful Seraphim level VI today!!!! I felt so many things along the way!!! You have such a beautiful, brilliant, exponentially expansive spirit!!! Wow!! That was a mouth full!!! Full of Love, kindness, and fun!!!! I just want you to know how much your class and your instruction has meant<3>3­>3 to me and my journey :) I am so grateful that you are doing these classes, and honored to be your student. Excited for the advanced classes to come!!!

Love you!!Theresa Lange

What a ride! How do you describe a class titled “Cosmic Splendor”? Our journey continues with more added energies as we travel the galaxy, & continue to heal ourselves & others. I really love how we strengthened our personal link to Gaia & are repairing our etheric bodies.

A lot to comprehend, a lot to share. I am filled with love & gratitude, especially for the Seraph willing to help us expand.

Thank you again Brenda!Janice Elizondo

I worked on my house today and you’re right the shift in energy is so cool! I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all that you do! I feel so incredibly blessed to have found you! Yesterday’s class was sooo neded and I do plan to continue with all 6 levels because if I can have anywhere near the effect on those around me as you do, I would feel my time here in “this dimension” much more as intended!

One of the best things I’ve done in my life!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Kimberly Hutchinson

Heart expanding, love-filled energy engulfs the room dissolving limitations and negative patterns. I highly recommend this class for anyone have trouble “getting over the hump” to achieving all they wish for themselves in this lifetime.

Truly beautiful energy at work here! 

Thank you Brenda and all participants for “showing up” in the richness of all that you are.

LOVE! XOAngela Spain

I train with Kahunas on energy here and from my own reading, other spiritual friends. I understand projecting, intention, manifestation, clearing, etc. I am connecting with the Seraphim Energies very strongly and feel very satisfied with learning the various types of Energies and processes. I guess what I am saying is that the type of energy I was learning was narrow and the Seraphim energy is wide and vast. I am loving every moment of their presence in my life.

Last night I opened a healing channel and ran one of the Energies for healing on him. He woke up today saying the felt better today than he ever did this past week, even despite the lack of sleep. Though he may not embrace it, I believe in what the Seraphim Energies in the Light of Creator can do! Clap your hands if you believe (Peter Pan); and I haven’t stopped clapping since the first class.

I have been practicing with the Energies and they are most powerful, loving and delightful. The intensity when I call upon it is within mere seconds. I practice on my daughter, with remote healing on son, hubby and a friend on Kauai. I give thanks/appreciation to you, Ruth and Seraphim for the work you do for the highest good of others.

Thank you! Love & Light!!Noel Onion

Building upon the energies of Level 2, the manifestation class truly holds all the things dreams are made of.

I’ve found that the things I desire to manifest have become more of an essence, such as joy, love, gratitude, abundance…and in this very shift, I am just beginning to see what had been explained to me as infinite possibilities.

My trust in my own divine essence is ever deepening. Mini-miracles are happening, and wouldn’t you know it, I feel deep joy, abundance, love and gratitude!

It’s really a “feel it to believe it” experience, so if you are feeling guided to take this next leap, then part of you is already leaping!

Many thanks and hugs to Brenda for being such a bright light, and not only teaching about this class, but really listening and guiding us on our spiritual path. I’m eternally grateful to you and the Seraph! Angela Spain


I have practiced yoga, meditated and cured many of my ailments with herbs and essential oils for several years. As much as I honor and trust in holistic medicine, I have never experienced Reiki – until today.

I always thought it was similar to a massage, but without the touching. That sounds like somebody is getting off easy! But when I walked into a Reiki Room after Brenda had just finished a session with a client, it felt like I walked right into an earthquake! My interest was peaked.

Today was my first Reiki session. Through my meditation and yoga practice, I knew my chakras were indeed desperate for some divine medicine, as I had been suffering from some physical issues. Brenda took me into her Reiki “cave”, and we discussed the issues I had been experiencing. She shared with me some intuitive insight and I could feel clearing happening even before I got up onto the table.

Once I did get onto the table, our session began. Every time she touched or hovered over an area, I could feel buzzing, chilling, warming, opening energy, as if there were diamonds or crystals shimmering and spinning on me and through me. My body felt like water flowing at her command. Shadows and light came over my closed eyes, as more buzzing and flowing and releasing continued.

When the session came to an end, I could not move for a moment. I felt heavy and I was IN THE EARTHQUAKE. Once Brenda had me stretch and ground myself, I felt lighter than air, but yet firmly planted in the earth. I am more awake, my senses are more open and I feel more clear-headed than I have in a very, very long time. I should also note here that this all took place even though I did not know what to believe at first and my concentration was nowhere near perfect during the session.

Actual benefits, real results – I’m a believer. Thank you a thousand times over!Cher W.

I have done chakra clearing and other similar sessions at various spas, but have never felt the energy or had the spiritual experience I had at my first session with Brenda.J.M.

Brenda Calvin is a superbly gifted, kind, loving, compassionate and a very in tune individual.  I originally sought her help for my back pain, for which I experienced immediate relief with the very first Reiki session.  My back pain continued to improve with every session thereafter.  Not only that, I felt peaceful, calm and centered for the rest of the day.  I am truly grateful to have found Brenda.  She has helped me physically, emotionally and spiritually by introducing me to a whole other aspect of humanity, healing and our purpose and direction in this world.

Not only is Brenda a master healer, she is also a natural educator, gifted in her ability to convey meaning to her actions.  This is a rarity.  The value of her sessions will not be readily apparent, until days and months pass, when you notice your newfound ability to be able to relate to others more compassionately and you begin to naturally shift your paradigm with ease. 

As a hospice and pediatric private duty nurse, Brenda has expanded my ability to care for my patients wholly.  She has shown me the way to enhance my nursing capabilities via application of intuition and compassionate, empathetic care.Mary Benner Looker

AWESOME! I am so glad I took this journey and that Brenda is my Reiki Teacher. Love and Light is all I keep saying. This is how I feel inside. Thank you Brenda for your Love and Light <3Anon

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